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air compressor hire

what we can provide for you


SLS Mechanical Services has a wide range of air compressors available for hire. We offer day hire and also short and long term hire depending on your needs. Affordable hire rates makes our range of hire compressors an easy choice to make when it comes to supplying your business with air for any occasion. 

Each hire compressor is fully serviced and ready for use every time.  


Product Spec

Working Pressure     102psi (g)

Free Air Delivery       392CFM

Engine                        Deutz

Fuel Tank Capacity   174l

Max Sound Pressure Level at 7m  71dB(A)



The XAS 375 DD6 portable air compressor delivers 392CFM free air delivery and 102psi (g) normal effective working pressure.

The XAS range has been specially designed for heavy duty working environments such as the renovation industry (sandblasting) and quarries. They can assist in installing fibre optic cables, or be combined with combinations of pneumatic tools such as rock drills, hammers, to name a few. High altitudes and extremely high and low ambient temperatures are not a problem. Four pressure variants make these units fit for almost any application.

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