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Knowing the performance of your compressed air installation at each given moment allows you to make smart use of your resources. It enables you to plan maintenance interventions proactively and at just the right time. Potential problems are recognised before they can pose a threat to the continuity of your production. And the analysis of compressor data over time gives you the information you need to optimise the efficiency of your air system. All this intelligence is available through ICONS.

This intelligence is available on Chicago Pneumatic and Ceccato compressors *subject to certain models


Choose the right level of coverage for your business with two package options available.

RIGHTIME: online logging and a monthly service email

Always knowing the right time for service, you can plan your resources and costs while making sure your compressor keeps running efficiently.

UPTIME: warnings forwarded as emails and/or text messages

So you can take corrective action and avoid a breakdown. UPTIME is all about maximum equipment uptime, with a clear list of events and availability performance dashboard.

SLS Mechanical is proud to be able to provide it's customers with these ICONS remote monitoring systems.

For each Chicago Pneumatic machine that is linked to the Uptime ICONS system, SLS Mechanical  is able to remotely monitor your machine, tracking run hours, schedule servicing when required based on information provided, investigate faults and view real time data of your machine to ensure that is running to its optimum performance. 

It's this peace of mind, knowing that we are able to provide support for you and your machines no matter the distance with just the click of a button. 

The ICONS Clamp technology is also available for our customers to use on non CP or Ceccato machines under 30kw and CP/Ceccato machines without the inbuilt ICONS technology. 

The ICONS Clamp technology allows for run hour tracking on any air compressor no matter the make or model.  

The use of the ICONS clamp allows us to track your compressors run hours and provide you with scheduled maintenance reminders based on accurate real time run hours. 



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