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ultrasonic leak detection

what we can do for you


SLS Mechanical Services can provide your business with Ultrasonic leak detection services for your compressed air setup, helping to locate air leaks within your pipework and equipment.

Generating large volumes of compressed air can be expensive and requires a large amount of energy. Leaking air lines, hoses and couplings and down stream equipment are energy waste.

Not only do leaks waste energy, they put un-needed stress on compressed air equipment increasing your annual maintenance costs and increasing the chances of equipment failure. 


Due to incorrectly fitted and out dated pipework the majority of companies have a leakage rate of more than 20%. Apart from being entirely unnecessary leaking pipework is expensive and contributes to your CO2 emissions.

Air leaks can also be dangerous if a pipe or connection was to burst apart it can cause serious injury or worse


Not only we can find you leaks, we can repair them. 


With a leak detection audit SLS mechanical can provide you with a full report and recommendations to improve your compressed air system and aim to achieve a leakage rate of less than 5%

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